cTrap ensures clean and healthy indoor air

Bad indoor air quality is often caused by chemicals or particles being outgased – emitted – from a building’s walls, floor or ceiling. The problem may be substances formed when moisture comes into contact with plasticizers in plastic carpets, linoleum carpets, glues, etc., or that creosote or chlorophenols had been used as impregnation agents or moisture protection, or mold… or tobacco smoke penetrating from a smoking neighbor via leaks in the building. Common symptoms include headache, fatigue, irritated mucous membranes, respiratory problems, skin irritation, etc. By covering the indoor surfaces from where emissions are spread with the cTrap cloth the problem can be solved efficiently and sustainably.
The short film illustrates how the cTrap prevents emissions (chemicals, particles, mold) from a building structure from reaching the indoor air. Instead, they are stopped and adsorbed into the cTrap cloth while the construction is cleaned from the emission substances. cTrap has sufficient capacity to function satisfactorily throughout the lifetime of the building. Moisture passes through the cTrap fabric allowing the building to breathe. Scientific studies and many years of experience show that cTrap effectively stops and binds emissions. No operation. No maintenance.

Environmentally friendly

The cTrap cloth is made from recycled and renewable raw materials and contains no chemicals.

Easy installation

The cloth is unrolled and easily applied to the surface from which the emissions spread.


Scientific studies show that the cTrap effectively stops and traps emissions.

cTrap på rulle

Product specifications

Thickness: 1.9 mm
Length: 25 m
Width: 120 cm