Poor indoor air quality can cause health problems such as rashes, nausea, headache, asthma, eye irritation and respiratory problems. Often the problems are caused by moisture and the emissions that moisture generates. Simply increasing ventilation can certainly reduce the concentrations of air pollutants but will not prevent their spread through the premises and to its occupants.

ctrap genomskuren-engThis is where cTrap comes in. cTrap is a functional cloth which captures and binds the harmful emissions directly at the source. The cTrap cloth is airtight but permeable to water vapour, and comprises four different layers combined to maximise the total effect. The cloth is pliable and can be laid on the floor or mounted on walls, ceilings and over cavities. Where it is placed depends quite simply on the source of the emissions. Then your choice of flooring can be laid on top of the cTrap cloth or, when the emissions originate from walls or ceilings, a thin gypsum board can be mounted.


cTraps funktion-eng (1)


Research (1, 2) has shown that VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions are efficiently stopped by cTrap. The cTrap locks in many different types of emissions, for example saponification products from moisture damaged floor adhesive, other floor emissions such as phenols and TXIB, chloroanisoles from moisture damaged joists, and malodorous substances. As water in gaseous form, i.e. moisture, passes through cTrap virtually unhindered, the moisture balance in the building remains virtually unaffected.

For more information on the cTrap, see our product sheet.


cTrap is no ordinary sealant rather it binds and locks in the emissions. This means good performance even if for example minor breaches have occurred during the installation.

Maintenance free

An installed cTrap cloth is maintenance free. cTrap functions without consuming energy.


A scientific study shows that the cTrap cloth efficiently stops and binds VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions.

Easy installation

Installation takes only one to two days per room. The cloth is secured with tape or a staple gun.

Environmentally friendly

The cTrap cloth contains no chemicals and no chemicals are utilised during cTrap installation.