cTrap is a four-layer laminate in the form of a cloth, delivered on a roll. The cloth is attached indoors on walls, floors and/or ceilings, depending on where the emissions are originating. A flooring of your choice can then be laid over the cTrap cloth or, when the emissions are coming from the wall or ceiling, a thin plasterboard.

The purpose of cTrap is to capture the emissions which remain after moisture damage has been rectified. cTrap is a unique composition of four different layers which together effectively stop and bind harmful substances. At the same time the cloth allows moisture to pass unimpeded (Z = 200 s/m), which means that the natural moisture balance in the building is not affected. The cloth does not give rise to condensation and therefore no subsequent mould problems.


The inner protective layer has a fluffy surface and is made of non-woven polyester. It is this layer that lies against the source of the emissions.


The adsorption layer is the second layer (going from inside to out) in the cTrap cloth. It is this layer that adsorbs the emissions and sees to it that they stay there.


The polymer layer functions as a barrier which is airtight but still allows moisture to pass through. This barrier makes the adsorption more effective while preventing emissions from outside coming in contact with the adsorption layer.


The outer protective layer is also made of non-woven polyester. It is this layer that will lie against the flooring or the plasterboard which is mounted on top of the cTrap as the final finishing.

The properties described above have been verified by Lund University, LTH, Karolinska Institute, SP, IVL and independent experts. Documentation can be provided on request.

Product Sheet cTrap


Science (1, 2) has shown that cTrap effectively binds emission substances which are common in indoor environment problems. For example:

  • Saponification products from moisture-damaged flooring adhesive
  • Other floor emissions such as phenols and TXIB
  • Chloroanisols from treated wood
  • Malodorous substances
  • Alcohols
  • Aldehydes
  • PAH
  • Terpenes
  • Aromatics
  • Sulphur compounds

…etc. Particle-bound emission products (e.g. mycotoxins and endotoxins) are also stopped because cTrap is airtight.

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