Our solution

Many suffer from staying indoors, at home or at work. The air can feel heavy breathing or have an unpleasant odour. Often the problem is due to pollution of the indoor air by chemical substances that are spread (emitted) from building materials in the floor, walls or ceilings. Common symptoms are headaches, asthma, respiratory problems, and irritation of mucous membranes.

The cTrap is a functional cloth which eliminates or substantially reduces these problems. The cloth comprises different layers and is laid on floors, or mounted on walls or ceilings depending on the source of the emissions. Moisture passes through the cloth while harmful substances are stopped and bound. Then your choice of flooring can be laid on top of the cTrap cloth or, when the emissions originate from walls or ceilings, a thin gypsum board can be mounted. You can read more about the cTrap and its benefits under product.

Environmentally friendly

The cTrap cloth contains no chemicals and no chemicals are utilised during cTrap installation.  

Easy installation

Installation takes only one to two days per room. The cloth is secured with tape or a staple gun.


A scientific study shows that the cTrap cloth efficiently stops and binds VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions.